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What is Innovate & Rise at

Bajaj Electricals Limited?

Bajaj Electricals Limited has a vision of enhancing the quality of life and bringing happiness with sustainability. To achieve this vision, we are open to partner with individual inventors, academics, designers, research institutions, universities, start-ups and other small, medium and large companies, existing and potential new suppliers also to deliver on the company's most challenging opportunities.

Innovate and Rise helps Bajaj Electricals Limited to engage with external ecosystem to meet the needs across our businesses - Consumer Products and Lighting.


How Innovate & Rise works at

Bajaj Electricals Limited?

"Innovation" is one of the building blocks of our culture and values in Bajaj Electricals Limited. We partner with external innovation ecosystem to come up with new product ideas that delights and enhances the quality of life of our customers.

Some of the complex problems we face today are uploaded on our Innovate & Rise portal and you can access those from the Open Innovation Challenges link below. If your solution does not match any of the problems mentioned, still you can submit your innovation through Submit Your Ideas link.

The entire process
works as per the
following process map

Your submissions will be reviewed by an internal committee or innovation challenge owners for inventiveness, business relevance, commercial viability, etc. You will be informed about the decision of the committee within 2-3 weeks time.

Go through the FAQs before you submit your innovation.

Our Open

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to qualify for detailed review round, your submission should be:
- An innovative idea, technology, product, service and / or a commercial opportunity
- Protected or protectable intellectual property in the form of a granted or published patent application, design registration, etc.
- Not just idea which has no business relevance (Please visit our website to know more about our products)
- Not mere ideas, suggestions or thoughts which do not include protectable intellectual property
- Not suggestions for our existing products (For product questions, problems or suggestions, please visit Bajaj Electricals Customer Support)

There is no reward just for submitting your innovation. However, if Bajaj Electricals decides to pursue the innovation, we will enter into a mutually agreed contract and related commercial terms on a case by case basis. This could include, but is not limited to licensing and patent sale, paid R&D contracts, product supply, joint development, etc.

Yes, we require you to submit only non-confidential information throughout the submission process. You are suggested to send us outline of your innovation at this stage. Describe what is the problem solved and what are benefits of the innovation. If you have published or granted patent, then that will normally be sufficient description and you can simply provide us with the details of the published patent/application number. As clearly stated in Terms and conditions, Bajaj Electricals Limited will not be obliged to keep anything confidential that you send us as a part of this process.

For initial evaluation of your submission, we need high level information and will not ask any details comprising of confidential information. We require you to submit only non-confidential information throughout the submission process. Upon receiving your submission, our Innovate & Rise manager will evaluate it and form an internal evaluation committee if s/he finds business relevance and inventiveness of your submission. If your submission is passed by evaluation committee for detailed review, we may, at our discretion, enter into a separate confidentiality agreement with you before asking you to share any confidential information.

Our internal evaluation committee will evaluate your submission and after that we will mail you regarding the status of your submission. This week normally take, but is not limited to, 2-3 weeks depending on type of innovation.

There can be 3-5 evaluation committee members depending type of innovation being evaluated. Apart from that, it will not be visible to any other external parties.

You will receive a notification that your idea has been submitted and is under evaluation by our evaluation committee. Once the committee will approve it, you will be notified by email about the decision of the committee.

Evaluation committee is a team of internal subject matter experts who will evaluate your innovation for inventiveness, business relevance, commercial viability, etc. and will give final decision to review it in more details before we adopt it or park the innovation.

Innovate & Rise manager is the facilitator between external innovators and Bajaj Electrical Limited’s internal subject matter experts. He or she will be responsible for initial filtering of innovations as per business relevance and inventiveness and assign the innovations to an Evaluation committee for detailed review.

The selection of your innovation will depend upon its inventiveness, business relevance, commercial viability, etc.

Yes, you must accept the terms and conditions to be eligible to submit your innovation/s and / or for the access of this website / portal. These are created to outline the parties’, obligations and liabilities and must be read, acknowledged and accepted unconditionally.

Ideally, your solution should be protected by way of filing for grant of a patent, or filing for registration of an industrial design / trademarks. It would be necessary that any pending patent application should be published by the Indian Patent Office or otherwise. Similarly, a registration of an industrial design or a TM must be accepted and published / advertised by the Patent Office or TM Registry, as the case maybe. However, we can discuss early-stage innovations before an IP filing is made, or before it is published. In this case, you should not disclose any information that will jeopardise your rights to file application for grant / registration of any IP, and if you have any concerns about that, we advise you to contact an Intellectual Property lawyer prior to submission.

Go through the FAQs before you
submit your innovation.

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